Making It All Happen

I have a dilemma. I’m torn between paying to attend the Chicago Comic Con in August versus saving to take a dream vacation sometime in the hopefully near future.

Between now and August, I’ll be able to afford adding the comic con trip. But by doing so, I will be severely depleting the account that I regularly contribute to in order to pay for trips.

But it also goes deeper than that. Last year was my first time attending a comic con and I also attended by myself, both of which were milestones. It may have started out a little rocky (meaning I was nervous and had no idea what I was doing) but I eventually found my stride and ended up having an absolute blast.

I met Nathan Fillion, I saw some amazing panels, and I was surrounded by thousands of geeks and nerds. While that last part was a little overwhelming at times, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. And I loved every second of it. That Sunday, as I drove back home, I told myself that I was definitely coming back next year. Not only did I want to do it all again because of the incredible time I’d had, but I’ve made it a goal of mine to actually interact with people (online and IRL) and expand my network of connections and friends. That was something I struggled to do while there and there is some regret in missing out on the opportunity.

You see, for the last five years or so, and especially the last two, it’s been my philosophy and mission to fully embrace myself and the things I love, to not care what other people think, and to work hard so I can experience as many things as I can and do the things that make me happy. As much as I hate the saying, you do only live once, and I plan on getting as much out of this life as I can. I want to go through my remaining years adding to and telling stories of the things I’ve done and learned. I want to pass into the next life saying hot damn that was one hell of a ride!

And here comes the dilemma. You see, I can be an instant gratification type of person, especially when it comes to shopping. If I want something and it’s within reason, I buy it. I know how to say no, and I do, but it’s hard sometimes. That means that right now, I’m having a hard time passing up Comic Con tickets in order to save for some not yet planned trip that could or could not actually happen.

I’m torn: have another great time at a comic con or be able to pay for a dream trip in a quicker timeframe. It’s seriously been weighing on my mind.

But through all of the back and forth that has been going on in my head, there is one solution that keeps coming around, one that makes sense and will achieve both goals. This solution is easy in theory but it will also be the hardest to stay on track with.

The easiest way for me to go for Comic Con and still save for my trip is to stop shopping and start skimping and saving in whatever ways I can. I know that I spend too much money on clothes, accessories, and other things that I don’t actually need or can get on without. I know that there are periods of time that I eat out for lunch and dinner more than is healthy or needed. All these things add up; they add up quick and they add up to a lot.

I guess it’s not so much that I need help deciding what to do. That much is clear. But writing it all helps me fortify my decision.

The time has come so that in order to go to the places I want to see and do the things I want to experience, I have to be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to accomplish just that. I’m not an irresponsible person, but there is no argument that I need to be responsible with my money and spending habits. So here I go. Adieu unnecessary online shopping! Auf wiedersehen random trips to the mall! Hello to more experiences and dream trips!

I can do this!!


6 thoughts on “Making It All Happen

  1. Wow. This entire entry, word for word, could have been written by me. This is my exact experience and though I’ve wanted to my whole life, I can’t imagine ever spending up enough to travel out of the country. But I can afford to take trips to cons and I know I won’t regret them. The way I’ve decided to look at it is, if going to a convention is going to make it so I can’t go out of the country next year, then I can’t afford to leave the country. Until I can, I may as well enjoy my life in the interim and keep going to conventions.


    • That’s a very good point! I’ve been so dead set on going overseas that every year when it seems to get further and further away, its almost like it’s a failure, which I have a hard time with. It’s all about still striving toward that goal but enjoying what I can in the meantime because if going overaeas does never happen, I’m going to majorly regret passing up those opportunities that did come up.

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      • Another possibility, though still an expensive one…there are always other students going overseas. I really have no idea how they afford it, either, unless their parents are paying for their entire trip. But they still go. I’ve noticed there are always deals on Groupon for airfare and board at a certain percent off depending on how many people are going. Maybe you could post at a school and say you’re looking for a travel buddy? And there are also hostels where you can stay for really cheap, and some really cool ones! Or maybe you have Facebook friends who live overseas and could take advantage of that connection? I don’t know, even with all those possibilities, an overseas trip is still too rich for my blood, but maybe someday.


      • That would be a good option if I was still a student lol. I just turned 29 🙂 But even then I did look at the study abroad options and it was way too expensive. I’ll make it happen someday, someway, somehow!

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      • I think you could probably do it even if you aren’t a student! 🙂 If you live near a college you could probably still say, hey, I’m a 29-year-old looking for a travel buddy. IDK, it could be awkward, but it could be cool, too. 🙂 The study abroad options are way too expensive for me, too. But I feel the same: Someday, someway, somehow!


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