Ugh, Geeky Responsiblity

So, I’m writing this from the bottom of the Marvel well that I’ve fallen into and can’t climb out of. But2fa0fbcd5ae5d9c7d344cbccf171538d don’t worry, I’m perfectly content and happy here. And honestly, I’m not trying to get out.

Marvel is in my top five all-time favorite fandoms and one of the ones that I’m currently most active in. With the recent releases of Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse, it’s been consuming a majority of my fangirling downtime. Let’s just say that I’ve spent more time on Tumblr in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. And it’s been glorious. So much to look at, so much to read, so little time in which to do it.

Okay, getting off track in my excitement, let me get back to my original point- my “out-of-control” Marvel obsession and what it’s led to.

If you follow the con scene at all, you’ll know that this weekend was the Wizard World Philadelphia con. And it was chalk full of actors from the MCU. Following the action on Twitter and Tumblr made me wish I could have been there and amplified my urge to go to the Chicago con. Not only would attending the con be an absolute blast, but I would also be able to meet Sebastian Stan (he’s the only one from the MCU attending in Chicago). And who could complain about that!?

But there is one slightly major setback. In between trying to plan out my finances to make the trip work, I resolved to get new windows for my house. Despite my desire to abide by my geek credo, I knew that the right thing to do was to not go to Chicago for Wizard World, especially considering that I will still be attending the Salute to Supernatural con in September. But from all the Marvel obsessing I’ve been doing and the posts this weekend from those attending in Philly, I started to have a relapse in conviction to convince myself that I didn’t need to go.

To my credit, I haven’t acted on the itch to buy the VIP ticket that I’ve looked at least once a day. And after the recent shopping spree I went on, it’s obvious that my impulse control is lacking. So, yay me, one small victory!

As much as I want to make it all work (as I’ve discussed in an earlier post), I have to keep telling myself that going to the Chicago con is just not feasible at this time. Yes, it will suck because I had such a great time last year, but it won’t kill me. And more to the point, it will give me the chance to save more money in the hopes of attending another con (or two) next year, hopefully one with more actors that I’m interested in seeing. In my rational business mind, the expense of attending a con needs to be somewhat comparable to the tangible experience (ie meeting my favorite actors!) as well as the intangible (being in an environment surround by amazing geeky things and people).


I have a three-step action plan to help me get past this and moving forward.

1.       Keep obsessing and fangirling. It’s what gives me life.

2.       For fuck’s sake, stop online shopping.

3.       Continue saving for trips and cons so 2017 can be amazeballs.

Let’s do this!

I’m not ready!

Okay, I go this!



6 thoughts on “Ugh, Geeky Responsiblity

  1. I feel your pain. I was DYING to go see all the MCU people! I hoped to go to the Chicago con for my birthday, but I’m leaving for Orlando one month after, and it’d be a miracle financially if I pulled off both. Oh, the nerdy struggles!!

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    • I mean, seriously! It makes my little nerdy fangirl heart sad but I know it’s what I needed to do. As always, I’ll keep trying for SDCC tickets during open registration in February and I’m hoping to get to C2E2 next April. My goal it get to at least two cons a year, where there is a will there is a way!

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      • Very true! I had made a plan to go to Orlando once a year and at least one con per year and I’ve done a decent job since 2013, usually managing more than one con which was fantastic. So far this year I’ve only done Wizard World St Louis, and then I’m heading to Orlando for Disney and Universal’s Halloween related festivities. So I definitely agree – where there is a will, there is a way.

        …well, as long as I can keep myself from buying everything on the internet. Haha.


      • I had just gotten back from Orlando the week before Wizard World St. Louis (and I was at Universal, what a coincidink)! I wanted so badly to go and see Tennant and Smith. I’ve got PopCon next weekend, which is a smaller one here in Indiana and then Chicago Salute to Supernatural in September, so I managed my quota for 2016. I just couldn’t make any others work with the other things I already had planned and unexpected expenses (new house windows, I’m looking at you). And girl, I feel ya on the shopping…I went crazy last month. I have no self control!

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      • I managed to behave for the most part last month. But April, when I had con to go to in St Louis? Oh boy. Bye-bye, paycheck. Tennant was a sweetheart and Smith I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few times, and he’s always a doll (and he’s adorable with little fans, like my nieces). Have fun at PopCon and Chicago!

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