Productive in an Unexpected Way

I had a few days off work this week in order to have new windows installed in my house. Amazingly, they got the job done in one day. So here I was, faced with three more days off work and nothing scheduled to do.  That’s a rarity in my world. Days off work, beyond the weekend, are usually spent doing something or going somewhere. At one point I was on the fence about going back to work today, but ultimately decided against it. I was all in for a mini staycation.

I’m going to get so much written, I told myself. What better time do I have to let my creative juices flow then this?

Well, none of that happened. Opportunity wasted? Maybe. Opportunity utilized? Yes.

My brain needed a break. A break from worrying about work, a break from stressing over stuff, a break from trying to get the next post uploaded.

Sitting here, on my last evening for going back to the office (even if it is just for one day) I know that was the right decision because this was exactly what I needed.

You see, I’m a bit of a contradiction because while I tend to be lazy, I also have a hard time just sitting and being still. In the back of my mind, I will be thinking I need to be doing this or that. I’ll never be able to not do that, but at least for the last three days, I’ve done it very minimally. And it was grand.

Whatever I did was done my way and when I wanted. I watched some movies. I spent way too much glorious time on social media. I finished one book and started a new one (a sequel that I’ve been waiting four years to be published). I got in some family time at my parents’ house by the pool. I even got some stuff done around the house.

So yes, I didn’t jot down a single idea or start-up a single post. And that’s completely okay. The blog will still be there. There will still be time to figure out how to build my geek brand. At work, all the paperwork piled on my desk will live to see another day.

Sometimes, the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to actively partake in some brain rotting activities. It’s like a reset button. When we boot back up, we’re ready to go more than we were before. And now I feel ready to go: ready to face whatever challenges are waiting for me, ready to make some progress, ready to kick ass.



What do you do to reboot yourself? Do you have any plans for letting go and unwinding? Let me know in the comments!


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