Comics: Better Late than Never


So, despite July having been declared a personal “no-spend” month, I broke down and did something that I’ve been pondering on for some time now. I’ve officially making my first major excursion into comics. And I’m really excited about.

attractive comic sound effect set isolated on colorful comic strip template

I’ve loved comic book movies for as long as I can remember. But as I got older and my passion…okay, obsession, for all things nerdy and geeky (and wonderful)  grew , I found that I was never fully satisfied with just watching the movie and moving along to the next thing. I would take to the internet to see what scraps of information I could unearth to find out what really happened, to understand the narrative and emotions that were behind what I was seeing on the screen. I’ve never had anyone around me who was into comics and I didn’t know if I’d actually like reading them, but I knew I was missing out on a huge part of what I’d grown to love, so I was ready to try it out. 

But while it sounds like an easy jump to make, it isn’t, not completely at least. I was unsure of where to actually start. But I’m nothing if not resourceful, so I got to work.  

The two biggest hurdles had already been cleared. I knew I would be looking at Marvel Comics and I knew that I wanted them to be Avengers based (solo or the team). Next was the hard part, finding out where to begin. I mean, have you seen what all is out there to choose from?! The official Marvel website was actually a great tool because there you can search by character or series, and it also shows you what is currently being printed and what is not. That was essential because while I’m trying to do it right, I don’t have a lot of excess that I can spend to start this geeky endeavor.

I cheated just a bit and decided to play it safe to test the waters, so I bought the trade paperbacks of the 2006-2007 Civil War series and the Captain America Volume 1 Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection. 

Verdict: I’m hooked. And mad that it took me 29 years to start reading comics.

But this is one of the most wonderful things about geekdom. No matter your age, no matter what you already like, there is always something new to be discovered. It may not be “new new”, but it’s new to you and you still experience the thrill and excitement of it all.

I feel like this is a really big step to expand and deepen my geeky knowledge, especially of my beloved Marvel Universe. I’m always looking for new things, new stuff learn, and this satisfies everything. There’s a whole new world to explore, who doesn’t like that!

I know that I can’t make up for all the volumes that I’ve missed, but I’m sure as hell going to give it a good effort going forward. I don’t have a local comic book shop so I went online to a reputable retailer and setup a pull list. No sense in wasting any more time! The wait might kill me though, as I won’t get my first order for another couple of week, as I opted to do a monthly pull to save on shipping costs. Check back soon to see what I’m reading!

How did you first get into comics? Do you have any recommendations on what to read or tips for a newbie?  Share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!



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