I’ve Moved!

Click here to see the new site!


After much thought and consideration, I made the decision to carve out a new space for my blogging, no longer content to post as the Midwest Geek Girl. I realized that this moniker did not fully encapsulate who I am, what I wanted to write about. I had fallen under the spell of trying to be like so many of the geek and pop culture bloggers that I admire that I was doing myself a disservice.

I am a geek, yes, but I am also so much more.

I am the sum of many parts.

I am Lindsey. And this is my life.

But because I am an html and web development novice, I had NO idea how to rebrand this site. I’m sure there is a way, but I’m also sure that it is more labor intensive that I was willing and ready for (I know, shame on me).

Same me, new blog, more thoughts. I’m looking forward to what to come, and I hope you come along for the ride.

See you there!


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