Rapid Review- Ghostbusters

I honestly don’t even know if I’m capable of capturing in words the gloriousness that was this film. And where do I even start??

It was beyond hilarious. By the end I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face and my eyeliner smudged to hell. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard and that long during a movie. But what would you expect when you have four of the best comics coming together on screen? The dialogue was witty, the one-liners were side-splittingly funny, and the acting was superb. The cameos of the original cast members were absolute perfection.

But let’s be honest, Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann absolutely stole the show. I realized after the movie that she reminds me very much of Jim Carey in the fact that a lot of her comedy comes from her vocal inflections, facial expressions, and body movements. She is amazing at filling a scene without saying a single word, and folks, that takes talent. I hope we get to see more of her outside of SNL.

It proved that women can lead the hell out of a blockbuster movie. It can be hard to believe that in 2016 we’re still working to make headway in female-led movies, but for every one that comes out, it’s just another step forward in bringing equality to Hollywood and the entertainment business. It’s also sad that leading up to the release it was sometimes hard to hear over the sexists and haters. They’re still there, but now it’s hard to hear them over the love and amusement the movie has generated. We also saw the dumb blonde trope turned on its head. Chris Hemsworth was great as Kevin, and although he was a minor character, he was a memorable one.

It gave a voice to ladies, young and old, who don’t fit the mold of what it deemed “normal”. God, I really do hate that word. Each of the characters, to me, represented a feeling or circumstance that I think many geeks and nerds (male and female) experience at some time or another.

Holtzmann is likely to be many geek girls’ new crush, regardless of their actual orientation (hint hint, I fall into that category); she is brilliant and weird and does not give a single fuck about what you think about her. She is the epitome of geek confidence, something I’m sure many of us have or do struggle with. Holtzmann is maybe one of the greatest role models in this day age, whether you relate to the fact the she is a female nuclear scientist who is creating cutting age technology or that she is self-assured in who she is.

Erin is the girl who wants to succeed, who wants to impress the plebs that she works with while harboring a secret love and fascination for something they don’t get and don’t understand. She overcomes her fear of ridicule and embraces what makes her happy, a lesson that is so important. Money and prestige are nice, but happiness is even more so.

Abby is the bridge between the two, the middle of the spectrum where Erin is one at end and Holtzmann at the other. She is the common sense and coolheadedness that Holtzmann and Erin sometimes lack and the humanity they sometimes forget.

And Patty is the unsuspecting friend that we innocently drag into our geeky adventures. She is true blue; she may not understand what you’re talking about or love something as much as you do, but she will stick by your side through whatever ups and downs that comes along with being your friend. We all need a Patty in our lives.

The year is more than half over and there are lots more movies still to be released, but I have no doubt that Ghostbusters will be in my top three movies for the year. It’s only been 12 or so days since it was released, but I already can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can enjoy the hilarity and hijinks as much and as often as I want.