I’ve Moved!

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After much thought and consideration, I made the decision to carve out a new space for my blogging, no longer content to post as the Midwest Geek Girl. I realized that this moniker did not fully encapsulate who I am, what I wanted to write about. I had fallen under the spell of trying to be like so many of the geek and pop culture bloggers that I admire that I was doing myself a disservice.

I am a geek, yes, but I am also so much more.

I am the sum of many parts.

I am Lindsey. And this is my life.

But because I am an html and web development novice, I had NO idea how to rebrand this site. I’m sure there is a way, but I’m also sure that it is more labor intensive that I was willing and ready for (I know, shame on me).

Same me, new blog, more thoughts. I’m looking forward to what to come, and I hope you come along for the ride.

See you there!

August Objectives- Quick Update

One of the bigger goals I set for August was no spending outside of the essentials. A relatively easy task, yes, but I am 100% an impulse buyer. I see something, I buy it. I get bored, I go browsing around online. It never ends well for my wallet.

Twice now, I have made myself walk away from something I wanted to buy but absolutely did not need. It’s so much harder to do that in real life than it is online where you can just exit the browser. It shows I know what the responsible thing is to do, it shows I’m capable of not throwing my money away on frivolous finds. I was so proud of myself that I just had to do a quick post.

I ran to the store yesterday on my lunch break to grab a few things. I cut across  the office supply aisle, and, wouldn’t you know it, there was a display of 5×7 notebooks with old school Marvel Comics cover. Not only am I an office supply addict, but notebooks and stationary are my kryptonite. And only $5! How could I not get them? Into the cart two of them went and on my merry little way I went. I didn’t even get to the end of the aisle before I stopped and realized that I couldn’t do this. I had no immediate, specific purpose for them (other than the fact that they were so much fun) and therefore couldn’t justify buying them. Placing them back on the shelf if felt like they weighed a ton. But by cheating on my goals I only cheat myself in the end. And that makes no sense.

Then today I ran to Kohl’s on my lunch break to return a few shirts. I had time to waste and nothing else to do so I just walked around. I found a cute crossbody/clutch on clearance. I’ve been wanting  a new one so I picked it up and went to check out. But I kid you not, I was in line having a very loud yet internal debate with myself about this stupid $12 clutch. I finally made myself turnaround and take the clutch back to the handbag department. Just because this one was on clearance does not mean that I have to buy it.

It’s an old adage but it holds true- if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish almost anything. If I put my mind to it that I don’t buy things that I don’t need (instead of making an excuse to justify the purchase), and I act accordingly when the need arises, eventually it will be habit. I’m not saying I’m going to stop shopping all together but I need to learn to control my impulse buying, to make more responsible spending decisions. These last two days have shown me that I’m capable of that. Let’s hope I hold strong to finish out the month!


Creative Expressions

2016 has been a year of rediscovering my creativity. It’s started out simply enough with the blog, something of which is still very much so a work in progress. As with many things in life, the process has been gradual as I try to find a balance between my real life obligations and my geeky exploits, meaning it doesn’t help when a blog topic strikes me in the middle of the day at the office! Nevertheless, this resurgence of personal creativity continues to grow and evolve.

One of the best things to come from all of this has been the confidence that I’ve gained. The confidence to put myself out there, to share my thoughts and feelings with whomever wants to hear them or happens to come across them. That is not an easy thing to do and it is something that I have always had much trepidation for.

Mostly recently, this creative spark, bolstered by new found confidence, has erupted into something that I’ve wanted to do for years, something that I’ve played around with from time to time but never saw to fruition…

You see, for as long as I can remember, words have been a constant in my life. From discovering my love of reading when I was young, to finding solace in books as an awkward and shy teenager, then to understanding the true value of the written word as an adult. Words have always been a tremendous part of my life.

This holds true for my geeky passions as well. I can fondly remember reading Sailor Moon fanfiction in middle school long before I really even knew that’s what it was called. Then came the Harry Potter fanfiction that consumed many of my high school nights. Let’s just say my parents didn’t have to worry much about what I was up to in those years. To this day I joke about them finding me on the computer at 3, 4:00 in the morning and asking me what I was still doing up; the simple response was always “reading”. I could have had worse obsessions or habits! But from then on, whenever I discovered a new show or fandom, after I got comfortable enough I would hope online and check out the fanfics. Sure, the time spent doing that has diminished over the years, but I have never truly stopped.

My love for reading naturally led to a love of writing. Research papers were something I excelled at in college; give me a 20 page paper over an art project any day. Creative writing was something I enjoyed but never seriously committed to. However, the process of writing, especially fiction, is something that has always fascinated me. Writers are some of the people I admire most in the world: the imagination and cleverness needed to create a whole world, the finesse needed to bring one-dimensional words to life, the commitment to draft and edit and redraft to near perfection, it is simply astounding. But in no way, shape, or form would I ever even try to get to their level or consider myself to be one of them. But what I can do is imitate. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Because one of the things that I’ve realized over the few years is that fanfiction and fanart, are some of the biggest acts of admiration expressed in fandom. What you are doing is saying that you love something so much that you are trying to create your own little piece of it. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. As with anything, some people can take it to a weird place, but the majority of those who create fan related works of art do so from a place of goodness. It’s also not for everyone, and that is fine as well. That is what is so very wonderful about fandom, there are countless ways that we can express our individualities and personalities while celebrating the things we love.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, with a creative surge and confidence boost, I recently did something that I thought I would never do. I wrote out a story, was happy with it, and actually posted it. And people are reading it! And liking it! Sure it’s not making waves; I never expected it to. Actually, I’d probably die of surprise if that happened. But the fact that people have come across it and apparently enjoyed it gives me joy and inspiration to write more.

I’m going to ride this wave for as long as I can, because every time I achieve a bit of creative fulfillment, I experience a sense of relief and contentment. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I get ever closer to true nirvana, to living the geek life that I’m meant to be, to the fullest.

What’s your opinion on fanfiction and fanart? Do you use either of those means to express your creativity?

Comics: Better Late than Never


So, despite July having been declared a personal “no-spend” month, I broke down and did something that I’ve been pondering on for some time now. I’ve officially making my first major excursion into comics. And I’m really excited about.

attractive comic sound effect set isolated on colorful comic strip template

I’ve loved comic book movies for as long as I can remember. But as I got older and my passion…okay, obsession, for all things nerdy and geeky (and wonderful)  grew , I found that I was never fully satisfied with just watching the movie and moving along to the next thing. I would take to the internet to see what scraps of information I could unearth to find out what really happened, to understand the narrative and emotions that were behind what I was seeing on the screen. I’ve never had anyone around me who was into comics and I didn’t know if I’d actually like reading them, but I knew I was missing out on a huge part of what I’d grown to love, so I was ready to try it out. 

But while it sounds like an easy jump to make, it isn’t, not completely at least. I was unsure of where to actually start. But I’m nothing if not resourceful, so I got to work.  

The two biggest hurdles had already been cleared. I knew I would be looking at Marvel Comics and I knew that I wanted them to be Avengers based (solo or the team). Next was the hard part, finding out where to begin. I mean, have you seen what all is out there to choose from?! The official Marvel website was actually a great tool because there you can search by character or series, and it also shows you what is currently being printed and what is not. That was essential because while I’m trying to do it right, I don’t have a lot of excess that I can spend to start this geeky endeavor.

I cheated just a bit and decided to play it safe to test the waters, so I bought the trade paperbacks of the 2006-2007 Civil War series and the Captain America Volume 1 Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection. 

Verdict: I’m hooked. And mad that it took me 29 years to start reading comics.

But this is one of the most wonderful things about geekdom. No matter your age, no matter what you already like, there is always something new to be discovered. It may not be “new new”, but it’s new to you and you still experience the thrill and excitement of it all.

I feel like this is a really big step to expand and deepen my geeky knowledge, especially of my beloved Marvel Universe. I’m always looking for new things, new stuff learn, and this satisfies everything. There’s a whole new world to explore, who doesn’t like that!

I know that I can’t make up for all the volumes that I’ve missed, but I’m sure as hell going to give it a good effort going forward. I don’t have a local comic book shop so I went online to a reputable retailer and setup a pull list. No sense in wasting any more time! The wait might kill me though, as I won’t get my first order for another couple of week, as I opted to do a monthly pull to save on shipping costs. Check back soon to see what I’m reading!

How did you first get into comics? Do you have any recommendations on what to read or tips for a newbie?  Share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!


Rise Up

I started this site with the sole intention of focusing on my nerdy passions and creating an outlet where I can discuss the things I love. I’m still a fledging in the blogging game but this is something that I’ve attempted to adhere to with diligence. But this week, I just can’t do that. Sure, I have another post that I’m working on, but it just doesn’t feel right publishing it just yet.

So if you would spare me an exception, I’d really like to get this off my chest.

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Productive in an Unexpected Way

I had a few days off work this week in order to have new windows installed in my house. Amazingly, they got the job done in one day. So here I was, faced with three more days off work and nothing scheduled to do.  That’s a rarity in my world. Days off work, beyond the weekend, are usually spent doing something or going somewhere. At one point I was on the fence about going back to work today, but ultimately decided against it. I was all in for a mini staycation.

I’m going to get so much written, I told myself. What better time do I have to let my creative juices flow then this?

Well, none of that happened. Opportunity wasted? Maybe. Opportunity utilized? Yes.

My brain needed a break. A break from worrying about work, a break from stressing over stuff, a break from trying to get the next post uploaded.

Sitting here, on my last evening for going back to the office (even if it is just for one day) I know that was the right decision because this was exactly what I needed.

You see, I’m a bit of a contradiction because while I tend to be lazy, I also have a hard time just sitting and being still. In the back of my mind, I will be thinking I need to be doing this or that. I’ll never be able to not do that, but at least for the last three days, I’ve done it very minimally. And it was grand.

Whatever I did was done my way and when I wanted. I watched some movies. I spent way too much glorious time on social media. I finished one book and started a new one (a sequel that I’ve been waiting four years to be published). I got in some family time at my parents’ house by the pool. I even got some stuff done around the house.

So yes, I didn’t jot down a single idea or start-up a single post. And that’s completely okay. The blog will still be there. There will still be time to figure out how to build my geek brand. At work, all the paperwork piled on my desk will live to see another day.

Sometimes, the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to actively partake in some brain rotting activities. It’s like a reset button. When we boot back up, we’re ready to go more than we were before. And now I feel ready to go: ready to face whatever challenges are waiting for me, ready to make some progress, ready to kick ass.



What do you do to reboot yourself? Do you have any plans for letting go and unwinding? Let me know in the comments!

The noise, oh, the noise


I have a few days off work this week as I’m having new windows installed in my house. Perfect, I thought, I’ll be able to get some writing done, yay!

Yeah, not so much.


Bang bang bang. Hammer hammer hammer. Repeat as needed.

As I sit at the little square of open space at my kitchen counter, I realize that I sorely misjudged just how distracting the noise would be.  The installers seemed pretty confident that’ll they get the job done in less time that I’m scheduled for. So hopefully I can still have a day or two for some peaceful writing before going back to the office.

….knew I should have bought that noise-cancelling headphones when I had the chance.